Who Do You Want To Be – An Inspirational Video

I hope you will take the next few minutes to enjoy this inspirational video. In this 3.5 minute video Arnold Schwarzenegger asks the question, “Who do you want to be in your life?  Not what, but who?” He talks about how other people say it can’t be done but you have the power within you to make anything happen. He also discusses fearing failure and the fear of making decisions.   Pay no attention to those who say it cannot be done.  Go after what you want, be who you what to be in life.  The power is yours.  Take it.

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2 thoughts on “Who Do You Want To Be – An Inspirational Video

  1. I have to go after what I want, and not live my life for others. I’m learning this lesson right now.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that. We are the only ones responsible for our lives. No one else should tell us how to live or what is right for us. They don’t have to live with our decisions.

      Thank you for stopping in and commenting. I appreciate it.

      Best wishes with your success,

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