Now That You’re Gone

Now That You’re Gone

How can I hold someone
Who isn’t even there?
Who do I turn to,
When the one I run to is gone?

How can I sleep when I’ve run out of dreams?
How do I wish upon a star,
When I’ve already wished for,
All I’ve ever wanted?

My dreams seem lost
And my life has no direction.
I’ve given all I can
And my heart is just an empty space.

Your words of wisdom,

Will never be heard again.

Your love will be missed forever.

Your smile can never be replaced.

Cancer has stolen you away

And left behind my shattered heart.

What I wouldn’t have given for a cure

To have just one more day with you.

How can I hold someone
Who isn’t even there?
Who do I turn to,
When the one I run to is gone?


Relay For Life – The Silent Lap

Relay For Life

I have been asked to read the following poem that I wrote at the Gardner, MA Relay For Life 2014.  I am extremely honored and excited.  Cancer has taken the lives of several relatives and friends and I have several relatives and friends who are also amazing survivors.  Hope, Pray, Fight for a cure!!


Relay For Life – The Silent Lap

More than a thousand people
On a quarter-mile track.
Gardner, MA
One of the largest Relay’s in North America.
So many people
Focusing on how cancer has touched their lives.
The silent lap begins.

Thoughts turn
To celebrating the Survivors;
Our loved ones,
Other people who have shared their stories,
The differences they have made
In other people’s lives
Through their journey,
All they’ve done since their diagnosis.
We are filled with gratitude
That they are still with us.

The walk
Turns to a shuffle
As the track is filled,
One by one by people
Who are filled with sorrow and hope.

Silence falls over the large crowd
Except for a few teenagers
Playing basketball away from the track,
Unaware of the depths of what they miss.
Even the children are silent.
The tiniest of babies, are silent.
Tears fall.

We remember those
Who have lost their battle with cancer.
Luminaries line the track…
There are far too many and we wish there were none.
There are decorated in honor of…
Sisters, brothers, parents;
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.
We look for ones we recognize.
Those who have touched our lives,
Loved and cared for us,
Made us laugh,
Made our lives better because they were here.

People standing
On the side of the track,
Missing their loved ones,
Praying for the survivors,
Hoping for a cure.
We are all united as one.
Thousands within a half mile radius
Contributing to the search for a cure.
Hopes and prayers
That no one else they know
Is added to the list they honor
At a fundraiser.

In honor,
In memory,
In celebration of life,
With hopes for a cure.


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The Universe – A Poem

I have been trying to be quiet and listen more often lately, especially at night before I fall asleep.  I used to do this when I was younger and that was my greatest time of inspiration.  Many of my poems came to me quickly and were unstoppable.  I would jump up and write them down and be done in minutes.

Recently, I was somewhere in that in between state where I was not fully asleep but not fully conscious.  I was asking questions.  I know that a part of meditation is putting all thoughts out of your mind but phrases and pictures kept popping into my head.  I tried to quiet them but they were too persistent.  I grabbed my phone and wrote the following within minutes.  I didn’t change it because of the way it came to me.  It came to me as “The Universe” but could have easily have meant “God.”  I do find it quite ironic that I was trying to listen and was being told to do so when I couldn’t quiet my mind.  I hope you enjoy the result…


The Universe

The universe
Is within us all
It’s the grass, cut short
And the trees grown tall

The voices that echo through
The tall mountain heights
The baby bird
Who attempts his first flight

The seen and unseen
Music’s beautiful sounds
The universe is
The energies that surround

There’s chaos in the Universe
But it is also surreal
It changes
With the moods we feel

Be silent
And quiet your mind
Take deep breaths
And give it some time

Let the universe, as it is
Speak directly to you
Do not question
Accept it’s clues

There’s so much to hear
And so much to learn
Stop talking for a few
It’s the Universes turn

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Meet The Author

Secrets to a lasting marriageExcuse me, but, have we met?  I wanted to take some time today to tell you a little about me for those of you who don’t know me or for those I’ve lost touch with…
Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Missy Bell.  I very happily married and have been for more than 22 years.  I have two amazing young men who keep me laughing, busy, and remind me daily of the things I’ve taught them, in doing so they keep me on track.  
I have been a writer since I was 15.   I have been on a self-improvement journey for most of my adult life and I know this will continue to be a life-long journey.  My main purpose in life is to help others with what I have learned or am in the process of learning,  by sharing it through my writing.  If any of my pieces have helped you, I’d like to hear from you.

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Need EXTRA Time?

indexI can’t believe it’s that time of year again… already!!!  Where does the time go?

Time.  That’s the discussion for today.  This week most of us in the U.S. will be turning our clocks back an hour, on Sunday evening at 2am to be exact.  You know what that means, 1 extra hour to…  hmmm… what will you do with that extra hour?

You could go to bed and wake up at your normal time feeling more rested for getting that extra hour of sleep.  Perhaps you would choose something a little more exciting instead.  Wouldn’t that be the perfect night to plan a Halloween party with friends?  The time difference would enable you to stay out a little later and still get up at the same time. How about staying up late with your love or your kids and watching an extra movie (if you can stay awake through it.)

Just remember though, if you have to work on Sunday, be extra careful and set two alarms. You wouldn’t want to show up to work an hour early!!  I’ve done that.  That hour belongs to you!!  Don’t lose it.

I’m guessing you have unique ideas as to what you would do with an extra hour.  I’d love to hear it.  I’m looking forward to your incredible suggestions in the comment section.

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Understanding the Damage That Jumping To Conclusions Can Cause

Do you jump to conclusions?  Do you feel the need to know in advance how things will turn out?  Do you end people’s sentences for them?  How are these scenarios a detriment to you and your relationships?

I have jumped to conclusions so many times in my home life.  I have been married for 22 years and have two boys who are still living at home.   Being the only girl in the house and having lived with these men for 18-22 years, I feel that I know them very well.  The truth of it is, I don’t.

As much as people share, they keep much more of themselves hidden.  We are all on a path of self discovery and we change quickly; we adapt; move ahead but sometimes fall behind.  Often times, we don’t even  know ourselves as well as we should.  So how can I expect to know them, their thoughts, what they are doing when they are away from home, and so on?  I can’t.  I can only go off of the things I see or what they tell me.

My youngest son just got out of a relationship.  He explained what the reasoning was.  Even though he told me, I chose not to believe that reason and jumped to conclusions as to the real reason it was ended.  I didn’t voice it thankfully.  I know how that would have ended.  The truth was that it was not my business.  What he told me is what he wanted me to believe, whether it was true or not.  To guess an alternate ending would have been anything but unfair to him and the girl.  It really wasn’t my business.

I know I’m not the only one who has done this.  Perhaps you have as well and ended up voicing what you imagined to be true.  Just know, that in doing so, you set yourself up for an argument with the person you are assuming about.  I don’t know of anyone who would like to have someone voice their opinion of what they thought was going on in their life or their thoughts.  I know I don’t.

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a McDonalds where I witnessed this very thing happen.  A man approached another gentleman who was dressed in business attire and headed out the door.  The first man apologized to the second for spilling his drink on the table.  The second man smiled politely, giggled and said, “That’s ok.  It’s alright.  I don’t work here,” and left the building.  Now, I’m not going to jump to conclusions about how the man felt who spilled his drink but I know how I would feel hearing several people who overheard, chucking quietly at the assumption.

We don’t only jump to conclusions about what people think and feel.  We do it about our future, the future of others, who people are, what they have gone through in their past, the type of person they are and what people need to improve their lives.

In business think we know what a customer is trying to say and shut them down before they finish explaining their situation or without completely listening to what they have to say.

Some of us try to get inside the mind of the person they are in a relationship with and guess their true emotions and intentions.

All of this assuming has the potential to lead to rumors, arguments, break ups, divorce, getting fired, unnecessary depression and so much more.

Jumping to conclusionsSo how do we avoid it?   The first step is to catch yourself doing it.  Think before you speak and ask yourself a few questions such as,

  • “Do the facts that I know support this?”
  • “Are there questions I should be asking to clarify the situation before I project my thoughts onto the other person?”
  • “Is this something that is even my business?”
  • “Does the outcome affect me?”
  • “How would I feel if someone assumed this of me?”
  • My favorite question to clarify is asked of the other person, “What do you mean by that?”

When it comes to you, it is more than fair to ask the other person, “I feel that you may have just assumed that.  What facts are you basing what you just said on?”  I know my youngest has said that to me.  I think the first time I was really taken aback by it but it stopped me in my tracks and made me really think.  I then had a rational conversation with him.  The more he has asked and pointed out that I do it, the less times I have found myself doing it and I catch myself before voicing it most times now and I feel better for it.

When we eliminate assumptions and stop jumping to conclusions, life seems to run more smoothly as we lessen the number of arguments, feel better about other people and ourselves, increase the effectiveness of how we run our business or our job and we free ourselves up for more productive, higher thinking.

Remember, we cannot predict the future either.  If you are projecting a negative outcome on a situation, you have a higher chance of being right.  Based on the Law of Attraction, “What we think about comes about.”  Be careful what you are thinking.

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What Is Your Relationship To Fear

(Did your watch the VERY SHORT 46 second video above?)  How did it make you feel?

Halloween is only days away.  There are currently so many different types of frightful events going on close to us this time of year.  We plan on visiting one of the scariest Haunted Theme Park’s in New England tonight, “Spookyworld – Nightmare New England.”  This got me thinking, if we can condition our bodies to get used to something, build up physical endurance, learn new coping mechanisms based on our experiences, etc., would it be possible to be completely fearless when something jumps out at us unexpectedly.  If we were surrounded by this on a consistent basis, could we become desensitized?  I suppose it would take extreme personal awareness and a great deal of energy to not be startled.

1385475_10151729930198456_636669772_nSo what is the psychology behind this type of fear?  Why do we love it, even crave it?  Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush, that thrill we get after reacting to something so unexpected and the joy of watching our friends jump where they stand.  Perhaps it’s different for each of us.

For those of you who follow my other blog, Where The Ghosts Live – The Haunted United States you may have already read that I recently visited an actual haunted house that is a hotbed for paranormal activity.  I didn’t have any problems with fear there, and I had a few encounters with the supernatural.  The problem is, that I am more afraid of the living than the dead.  With that being said, tonight should have me shaking in my sneaks.

What is your relationship to fear?  Do you like to be scared?  Do you seek out attractions like this so you can get that adrenaline rush?  Or does the thought of being frightened by someone in a mask or amazing makeup, or even a paranormal experience, make you want to run for the hills?  I want to hear from you…

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Missy Bell


Does Procrastination Get The Best Of You?

We often go through our day-by-day routines and get so caught up in our daily lives and the distractions that surround us, that when we look back, we realize we’ve missed something.  When we procrastinate on what needs to be done for things less important, we find that we miss out on opportunities because we are just too busy.

1378095_10151712087208456_1825873859_nAs time progresses we realize that, even with good intentions, we may not be where we want to be.  We find that regret sets in and we start beating ourselves up for things we have not accomplished.  In reality, when we were in those moments of our daily lives we were doing the best with what we had and what we were able to do with the time allotted.

It’s often that time becomes the enemy.  We never seem to have enough of it.  I know the older I get, the less hours I feel I have in a day.  It seems that if there was a way to stop it, for whatever we needed it for; if there was a way, we would have already found it.  All it seems we can do is recognize what it is we feel we are missing or need to accomplish, manage time better and find a way to fit it in.

Recognizing it before we fall too far behind is very essential. The best way to do that is to evaluate more instead of just going through the day-to-day motions.  I know, it sounds so much easier than it actually is.  It’s important to slow down daily and make it a routine to check in with yourself.  Scan your day and acknowledge what went well, what didn’t and what you missed that could be scheduled the next day.  Write it down then give yourself a time frame, maybe even set an alarm. Then take solid action.

Some days will seem so out of control with everything that is expected of us.  It’s important to not be too hard on yourself.  Make every effort to do your best in every moment.  When you do your best, there should be no regrets.

I Don’t Remember Asking You

What do you mean you dont like meI am so glad we were each given such individual personalities.  We are so unique that no two people think the same way or the same thing.  It really is a blessing.  The problem is though, that I notice more and more that we seem to forget that other people are not us.  We try to convince them that what is right for us is right for them, trying to enforce our views, our way of life, our methods onto them.

People ask for advice, that’s true.  That’s when they want to know your opinion.  They are stuck for ways to help themselves or they don’t trust that the decision they’ve made for themselves is the best one, that perhaps there’s another way they are not aware of that would benefit the situation a bit better.  That’s a time we have the right to interject, to help, inform, give options.  At the same time, we should try to find out as much information from them that we can before offering advice.

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend on Facebook.  She stated she was going to do something because, well, “that’s what <she> needed” for herself to heal.  She figured it out on her own.  No one told her she had to, it came from her.  It wasn’t long after she posted that someone put in their two cents and commented, “That’s not what you need, you need <this>.”  I thought about that.  Thankfully she wasn’t offended by it but many people would be.  We mean well when we do it but why should we be telling someone else what they need when they already know?

Coincidentally, another friend posted something similar that she was sharing from someone on her feed:

Post:  “Unsolicited advice is often viewed as criticism.”

Comment: “Until there is a question, there is no place for the answers to go. It’s like water pouring on a saturated sponge. Useless. If you want to help, offer unsolicited questions, which empower others to find their own answers.”

What a great response to that I thought.  Giving advice when it’s not asked for is useless.  Not only will the other person not hear it or use it, but they may become resentful for having been told what to do or what is right for them when they feel they already know.

Asking questions that would cause the person to think in a different way is much more beneficial.  If you can’t think of the right questions to prompt a better thought process, it is best to be supportive of their decision or not say anything at all.  It saves you from alienating the other person and causing friction in the friendship or relationship.

Let me be me and find my own way.  If I’m not about to hurt myself or someone else, perhaps it would be best to let me learn from my own mistakes.  Sometimes making mistakes is the best way to learn.  And if it’s right for me, it won’t be a mistake, only in your eyes.  Thankfully, that is why we were given the ability to be as unique as we desire.

What are your thoughts in regards to this?

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That’s Inspiring

I have asked this question before through Facebook and seem to get the same answers from a high number of people. They say that their children inspire them.  A friend of mine posed the same question to her friends and received a slightly different set of comments but it brought me back to the answer I received on mine.

I think it’s fantastic that your children inspire you.  Our children keep us young at heart and motivated to stay good people, amongst other things.  But it is important to think about what else inspires you.  What happens when your children are grown and have lives of their own?  You will need to be sure that you have many sources of inspiration to keep you going.  You should be sure that you are close to the top of that list.

When you draw from several sources, your options are wide open.  After giving it thought I came up with my own short list.  It is incomplete at the moment because I know I need to give it further thought.

InspirationI am inspired by challenges in my life that force me to look inside for strength.  I seem to thrive on the personal challenges that I take on, the challenges where I force myself to step outside the box and say, “I’m not really sure that I can do this,” then I do it. I’ve learned to stop looking for outside motivation as often, I turn within.  I find ways to pull my own energy into higher thought and search my spirituality for inspiration and encouragement.  When I need it externally, I read different authors such as, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Don Miguel Ruiz, Anthony, etc.  I talk with my family, they know me well enough to give me strength in just the right areas when I need it.  I am inspired by dreams of my future, friends, reminding myself of what I’m grateful for, other people’s accomplishments, music, love, hope and happiness. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have more than one source of inspiration and to know what know what they are.  It will help you get out of situations when you find you’re having a bad day.  Make your list, include as much as possible.  You can write it or create a collage.  Keep your list with you.  Draw from it on your down days or when you need a pick-me up.  Reading or looking at it will trigger happier thoughts to help you move forward.

If you can create your own inspiration, you have truly won.  Be sure to find ways to be your own hero and inspiration.  There is nothing truly like it.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please check out the list of other inspirational posts in the side bar.

Missy Bell