What Is Your Relationship To Fear

(Did your watch the VERY SHORT 46 second video above?)  How did it make you feel?

Halloween is only days away.  There are currently so many different types of frightful events going on close to us this time of year.  We plan on visiting one of the scariest Haunted Theme Park’s in New England tonight, “Spookyworld – Nightmare New England.”  This got me thinking, if we can condition our bodies to get used to something, build up physical endurance, learn new coping mechanisms based on our experiences, etc., would it be possible to be completely fearless when something jumps out at us unexpectedly.  If we were surrounded by this on a consistent basis, could we become desensitized?  I suppose it would take extreme personal awareness and a great deal of energy to not be startled.

1385475_10151729930198456_636669772_nSo what is the psychology behind this type of fear?  Why do we love it, even crave it?  Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush, that thrill we get after reacting to something so unexpected and the joy of watching our friends jump where they stand.  Perhaps it’s different for each of us.

For those of you who follow my other blog, Where The Ghosts Live – The Haunted United States you may have already read that I recently visited an actual haunted house that is a hotbed for paranormal activity.  I didn’t have any problems with fear there, and I had a few encounters with the supernatural.  The problem is, that I am more afraid of the living than the dead.  With that being said, tonight should have me shaking in my sneaks.

What is your relationship to fear?  Do you like to be scared?  Do you seek out attractions like this so you can get that adrenaline rush?  Or does the thought of being frightened by someone in a mask or amazing makeup, or even a paranormal experience, make you want to run for the hills?  I want to hear from you…

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Where The Ghosts Live

Some of you may know that I joined a few challenges this month.  The first one was, “The Ultimate Blog Challenge.”  The second is “The Article Writing Challenge.”  Both of these I have committed to writing a blog post daily for each of the 31 days.  After today, I have 1 week left.  I have been out straight because, not only have I taken on the two challenges, but I am doing it with two blogs.

I decided to start a second blog at the end of last month.  I have always had a fascination with the paranormal, starting at age 14 when my best friend and I both saw an apparition at the same time.  It left me very curious about the afterlife and changed how I saw death in a way.  After that incident, my home became “active.”  I saw things out of the corner of my eye, electronic items would turn on and off on their own, things I just couldn’t explain.  This carried over into the new homes I moved into.  Location after location seemed to have some sort of paranormal activity from time to time.

I watched horror movies, some of them scared me out of my whits.  But I never really was too freaked out by what was going on around me because I never had a negative experience.

Where the ghosts live

After starting this new blog, Where The Ghosts Live – The Haunted United States, things got interesting.  It was an immediate hit.  The other day, one of my posts produced a day of just under 800 views.  I was very excited!  I started meeting new people with the same interest, paranormal investigators and haunted home owners.  A week ago Friday, during the Blood Moon/Eclipse, I visited my first Haunted Mansion for a psychic fair.  I had never had a tarot card reading and didn’t plan on it that night.  It just happened by chance.  It was amazing.  I was told what my life’s purpose is and why I have the feelings I have and how it makes me who I am.  I also learned the cause behind the paranormal activity that has been going on in my life since I was 14.

I’d like to invite you to take a look as I share in detail, the results of my reading.  If you enjoy the posts, stay a while and check out the blog or even like it for updates.  I have been dabbling in a few areas this month but will most likely settle into doing mostly article style histories about haunted locations with short clips of evidence reported from that location.  I hope you enjoy.

Here are the two links for my tarot reading and I’ll include the most popular post’s link about my experience during the haunted mansion tour and what looks to me like a ghost in the mirror of the photo I took on my phone during the tour:

  1. My First Tarot Reading – Part 1 – My Purpose In Life
  2. My First Tarot Reading – Part 2 – Reasons Behind My Own Paranormal Activity
  3. My Experiences – S. K. Pierce Haunted Victorian Mansion – Part 5

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Does A Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Affect You

Full MoonTonight, (October 18, 2013) is a full moon with an eclipse.  Should you expect anything in particular?  What are some of the studies saying about the full moon and how it affects us emotionally and physically?  Does it affect our relationships?  Have you ever noticed a difference in yourself or others during a full moon?

The most common effects of a full moon that are mentioned online are; mood, fertility, reproductive behavior, birth rate, blood loss, human behavior, law and order, politics and sleep quality.  But a great number of studies are said to be inconclusive as to what the direct effects are.

According to many sources, the words, “lunatic” and “lunacy” derive from the Latin word, “Luna,” meaning moon.  Their earliest uses date back to the 1500’s.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “It must be a full moon,” when people start doing things out of the ordinary or out of character.

During the time of the full moon you many notice an increased staff of police on patrol as well as in the medical fields.

Wiki suggests that studies are inconclusive that a full moon has the ability to affect us much other than a slight lack in sleep.  The webpage sites, “People notice if something dramatic happens during a full moon, but do not notice when nothing dramatic happens; furthermore, dramatic occurrences that do not occur during full moons are typically not counted as evidence against the belief.  Believers are further bolstered in their belief through communal reinforcement: The more people talk about the effect, the more people notice spurious relationships.”

I can tell you, from my experience that I believe if I had kept proper notes that I would have been able to support the fact that indeed, the full moon has an affect over a great number of people but maybe not all.  I have worked in the field of customer service for most of my life and observed an increase in irritability, irrational thought processes and behaviors and a higher than normal increase in rudeness and abruptness.  Could this be linked to the decrease in sleep that studies have concluded to be a cause of the full moon?

I recall knowing with certainty when it was a full moon based on the behaviors of alarm signal activity and the increase in customer behavior when I worked as a dispatcher for a commercial alarm company.  There was a higher number of false alarms, panic and escalated customer service complaints.

My friend Nicole is a dog trainer and she states that the puppies in class seem to let her know it’s a full moon by acting with a sense of restlessness and crazy behavior.

In addition to this evening being a full moon, there will also be a Penumbral  Eclipse (meaning the Earth will move between the sun and the moon causing a partial dimness of the moon) that can be seen in several countries, including the U. S.  It will not be very visible except around 7:50pm EDT where you may see a shadowy smudge.

If you believe in astrology, which I do, it will interest you to know that an eclipse of a full moon generally indicates endings or culmination points.

Susan Miller from Astrology Zone has this to say, “Take any message you hear at the time of an eclipse seriously. There usually is no way to get a situation reversed. If someone brings news you don’t like on an eclipse realize that there is little chance you can get it reversed, at least not for four months, if ever. See the news as essentially a non-negotiable decision and try to move on.  Events that follow an eclipse have more weight than events brought on by a normal new or full moon. In fact, an eclipse is like a turbo-new or full moon packs much more energy and punch. An eclipse may even bring on an event that seems ‘fated’.  Eclipses always bring unexpected changes of direction if you have a planet that will be touched.”

What have been your experiences and what is your personal opinion on this subject?  Let me know your thoughts below…

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What Do You Mean, You Don’t Like Me?

It should never be our goal in life to please everyone nor should we ever expect everyone to like us.

There will always be people who do not agree with our views or what we say, do or act around them, just as we too come across people we don’t like.  Everyone acts differently around different people.   Some people bring out the best in us and we can relate to them easily.  Some have an easy-going personality and aura, others do not.  Some people will make us uncomfortable or may offend us (sometimes unintentionally and sometimes intentionally.)  There are others who engage in lifestyles that we just don’t agree with and that may cause us to feel uneasy.  For whatever reason, we were not all meant to get along.

It is usually the people we don’t get along with who don’t like us.  There are others who will not like you and you have no idea why because you enjoy them.  If the friendship, or even business relationship is important to you, it never hurts to ask if there is a reason for (their actions that make you think they don’t like you or words that they say that are indicators.)  It’s then on them to be honest or glaze over the subject.  The way they are acting may just be a part of their personality and you were just taking it personal or they may reveal a true issue, in which case, you have a starting point to work with.  This should only be done with people you truly care about or enjoy being around.

For those who are just acquaintances who you don’t particularly plan on having in your life, it’s not important that they like you, at least, it shouldn’t be.  There’s no need to waste your energy worrying about it.  I’ve watched and heard people, and even been guilty of, wasting hours of time that could have been spent being productive, happy and positive instead, being disappointed and racking my brain trying to figure what I may have done wrong for them to dislike.  Let it go.  As long as you are being your authentic self, it doesn’t matter.  You shouldn’t try to change who you are just to please someone else.

One of my favorite says is from Eleanor Roosevelt, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”  Let them think what they want.  You, go on living as you normally would.  One thing I like to point out often is that we are with ourselves 24/7.  We are the only ones who are.  The most important person we should care about liking us, is ourselves.

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United, Through the Sorrow, the Tears, the Humanity, the Trauma, the Healing – A September 11 Tribute

91101The clock radio turned on to signal me that it was time to get up to get ready for work, like every other day before.  But this day, would be like no other.  It was the day the world stood still.

There was no music playing.  There were several DJ voices on the radio sounding confused, hyper and stressed.  It was unlike anything I had ever heard before.  I remember my confusion as I stumbled out of bed to turn the television on.  My brain had not fully awakened yet and I could not understand what all the fuss was about.  I knew something major had happened but the magnitude and extent was unclear.

I had slept in that day.  I believe my husband must have put my 6 and 8 year old boys on the bus or taken them to their catholic school.  We watched together in disbelief as we tried, like the rest of the country to make sense of what had happened and what was currently transpiring.  The second plane flew into the tower and then, it was no longer, “a freak accident.”  We knew.  We were under attack.

The towers fell as I was on the phone with my best friend.  I didn’t want to go to work.  I wanted to pick my babies up from school and hide in my house indefinitely.  I wanted them safe.  If there were people in this world capable of doing this, how far would their plan be carried out?  What else was in store?  Would it, could it extend to their school?

I’m not sure where my head was but I went to work.  I was a waitress and money had to be made.  I grieved each event with each customer and no one was in any particular hurry.

An older woman came in and was seated in my section.  I will never forget how she just sat lifeless in the booth, staring into space.  Most of the people who had come in before her were very talkative and wanted nothing more than to work out these events verbally with others to try to grasp what was going on.  Not this woman.  I had to engage her in conversation.  I asked how she was as I placed my hand on her shoulder.  “I just came from Logan.  I put my sister on flight 93.”  We hugged and cried together.  I remember the silence of everyone around and how it felt like an eternity.  There’s always that first story you hear from another person who was directly affected, that brings in into reality.  This was mine.

With each customer who came in there was a new update.  Flights were grounded until further notice.  What?  My Mother-In-Law was a stewardess flying overseas!  Where was she?  Was she safe?  Was anyone I knew in those towers, on those planes?  I knew in my heart there was.  I don’t remember staying at work the entire shift.  We may have closed.  I’m not sure.  Anything besides the news and how my family was reacting and dealing became a blur.

Over the next several days we touched base with as many people as we could to be sure everyone was safe.  Tragedy had not hit our immediate family but it felt as if it had.  The entire country was in mourning.  Flags were flown from almost every vehicle within days.  Flags sold out of every store.  The pride of our country was shown and everyone seemed so much more in touch with each other, kinder, gentler.  We all had a common thread.  We had all witnessed the same tragedy and knew on a deep level what we were all feeling.  Strangers banded together.

The children had been told at school what had happened and I felt for the teachers who had to learn the news then face the children in a way as to not panic them.  I recall the need to have the news on but to have to shelter the children from the images and turn the TV off when they were around, all the while, feeling as if something may happen closer to home than it had and feeling out of touch when it was off.

I had a spare portable black and white TV and over the next few days it sat on the back counter in the restaurant and between tables we all gathered around it to hear the latest.  I was working when President Bush declared war.

I remember sitting in my car, I have no idea how much longer after the events, listening to every name of every person who perished and those who were missing being read over the radio and holding my breath between each one, praying it was not someone I knew.  How badly I wanted to be at ground zero to help in any way possible.

Weeks went by and the images were played over and over on TV and timelines and pictures printed again and again in the paper.  There was no Facebook, no social media, not on the common level.  Yet, we were all connected; even Bostonians and New Yorkers were brothers and sisters.

I recall a comment being made on the radio that we are Americans and we all have A.D.D.  They said we would soon forget and it would be put behind us; life would go on and even return to what it was.  I didn’t want to believe that.  I wanted to believe we would all be a kinder, gentler nation of people, banded together much more closely than before; all of us looking out for each other; having each others backs.

One by one, the flags we flew on our cars became ripped and torn.  We replaced them with flag stickers and said we would never forget.  Anniversaries of September 11 came and went.  It has now been 12 years since the tragedies.  I don’t want to remember the events of that day.  I don’t want to ever feel that vulnerable again, as a person or as a nation.   We still ask, “How could that have ever happened, HERE?”

Today, I have shed my tears in remembrance of the stories of survivors, of so many who were lost that day.

I. Will NEVER. Forget.  I will never forget the events, the still pictures and videos that are imbedded in my mind from repetition of play.  I will never forget how the words, “United We Stand,” took on a much deeper meaning.  I will never forget the way our country banded together and how we all felt united, through the sorrow, the tears, the humanity, the trauma, the healing.

I. Will NEVER. Forget.