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I have asked this question before through Facebook and seem to get the same answers from a high number of people. They say that their children inspire them.  A friend of mine posed the same question to her friends and received a slightly different set of comments but it brought me back to the answer I received on mine.

I think it’s fantastic that your children inspire you.  Our children keep us young at heart and motivated to stay good people, amongst other things.  But it is important to think about what else inspires you.  What happens when your children are grown and have lives of their own?  You will need to be sure that you have many sources of inspiration to keep you going.  You should be sure that you are close to the top of that list.

When you draw from several sources, your options are wide open.  After giving it thought I came up with my own short list.  It is incomplete at the moment because I know I need to give it further thought.

InspirationI am inspired by challenges in my life that force me to look inside for strength.  I seem to thrive on the personal challenges that I take on, the challenges where I force myself to step outside the box and say, “I’m not really sure that I can do this,” then I do it. I’ve learned to stop looking for outside motivation as often, I turn within.  I find ways to pull my own energy into higher thought and search my spirituality for inspiration and encouragement.  When I need it externally, I read different authors such as, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Don Miguel Ruiz, Anthony, etc.  I talk with my family, they know me well enough to give me strength in just the right areas when I need it.  I am inspired by dreams of my future, friends, reminding myself of what I’m grateful for, other people’s accomplishments, music, love, hope and happiness. 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have more than one source of inspiration and to know what know what they are.  It will help you get out of situations when you find you’re having a bad day.  Make your list, include as much as possible.  You can write it or create a collage.  Keep your list with you.  Draw from it on your down days or when you need a pick-me up.  Reading or looking at it will trigger happier thoughts to help you move forward.

If you can create your own inspiration, you have truly won.  Be sure to find ways to be your own hero and inspiration.  There is nothing truly like it.

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Missy Bell


12 thoughts on “That’s Inspiring

  1. We are kindreds. I have long said children are happier when their Mommy is happy. When Mommy reaps all her joy and inspiration from her children, that’s a huge responsibility on them. I have always written, gone to poetry events. Once I went to an Open Mic with my son in a backpack. The other poets love to see this! Plus my daughters were awakened at an early age about the power of poetry in their lives. My middle daughter was published at age 8. I am visiting from the Ultimate Blog Challenge and am so happy I am!! (I posted right below you!)

    1. That is such a great point Julie!! It is a huge responsibility for them. I feel like it would make the child have to grow up more quickly one they pick up on that. They would feel the need to always be there for the child. And when they are grown it makes it more difficult for them to go experience their own happiness because they are TOO tied to being sure the parent is OK. It can be psychologically damaging. And perhaps we are kindreds. I would love to get out to poetry events but I don’t do enough research about what is available near us. Thank you again for stopping by.

  2. I guess I’m a weirdo. I love my kids and think that they’re wonderful, fascinating people, but I don’t usually think of them as being high on my inspiration list. Often my kids do things that inspire me and I hope vice-versa. I think I tend to look for inspiration from more abstract sources. Thanks for the interesting thing to think about! I think you’re absolutely correct that we need to know what inspires us and remember those sources often.
    Visiting you via the UBC blogbost on Facebook. Happy Thursday. 🙂

  3. Inspriration comes from so many different places! I can find inspiration in a painting, a tree, a flower, my dog, you, a beautiful sunset, a memory, even the Red Sox being in the world series has sparked inspiration! Inspiration is everywhere – and when the student is ready, the teacher appears 🙂

  4. You know, I’ve never considered my kids an inspiration, I look at them more as my motivation. Everything I do, I do for them. Inspiration for me, comes from people who are where I want to be, such as successful business owners, or others. Inspiration also comes from within and I find myself inspiring myself all the time. I’m always trying to do better than I had previously. That sounds weird, but hopefully you know what I mean.

    1. Misty, That doesn’t sound weird at all. I inspire myself by improving as well. I think that is one of the most important ways. Being our own hero is an amazing feeling, and not conceited. I too am inspired who people are further along than me. I think too many people see what others do and decide they can’t do it. They don’t realize there are steps to be taken before they reach where that person is and they just aren’t there yet. OH, SEE? You and I just inspired a future post. I love when that happens!! Thank you as always for stopping by.

  5. I completely agree that we need multiple sources of inspiration and that if we can be one of them for ourselves, that is even better! I try to be inspired by my spirituality: spirit guides, dreams, intuitive readings, etc. They all can be SO encouraging & inspiring for me.

    1. My reading inspired me as well. I need to learn how to tune into my spirit guides. I have been told I have one that appears to me. I’ve seen it. I appreciate you sharing that. Thank you for visiting me here. I LOVE your site!

      1. Wow, thanks so much!! Glad my site resonates with you. How cool that you have seen one of your spirit guides! I only see mine as flashes out of the corner of my eye unless I am doing pathworkings or meditations. Usually, they show up there.

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