My Unborn Child – Fascinating Results From My Tarot Reading

In the spring of ‘95

You were due to be born

I find after all this time

I still do mourn

I wonder if there was anything

That I could have done

But then I think

Of our second son

I shouldn’t be sad

But after 18 years

I still find that

My eyes fill with tears

It’s human nature

To play that “What if” game

In my heart I know

Our lives wouldn’t be the same

I can’t help but wonder

After all was said and done

If he is your spirit

The two of you are one

Maybe you just weren’t ready

To be born in May

Perhaps July 28th

Was your special day

I still mourn you

Because I guess I’ll never know

So my love and appreciation

For him does grown

I’ll think of you often

And blow kisses to the sky

To my long lost child

My girl, or my guy

I’ll think of you still

And hope that one day

We will meet in Heaven

This is what I pray

I wrote this poem a long time ago.  Please don’t be sad.  I dug this up because I had a tarot card reading the other day and the woman explained to me that my daughter, whom she did not know about, is the one who is causing doors to slam, footsteps in the hall, cold spots in the house, door handles jiggling, voices that more than one of us hear at the same time, what felt like knees in my back from the backseat of the car, seeing “shadow children,” and the TV turning off and on.  I was told she is a prankster and likes to hide things on my son’s girlfriend just to mess with her.  I asked Nic if her things go missing when she is here, without explaining what I knew.  She said yes.  She puts things in places and later they are moved.

I am fascinated by all of this.  It brings me peace and comfort to think that she has been with us off and on.  I will forever cherish that information.  It makes me feel that after all this time, I never really lost her.

Unborn Child Tarot ReadingThis was my first ever tarot reading and I almost didn’t do it.  I had wanted a palm reading instead but they were too busy.  I guess it was meant to be.

For further information about my tarot reading, keep an eye on my other blog site, Where The Ghosts Live – The Haunted United States ~ Missy Bell.


8 thoughts on “My Unborn Child – Fascinating Results From My Tarot Reading

    1. Thank you Karin! This reading was amazing. Robyn went on for much longer than the scheduled time. She kept saying that there was so much that was coming across. This was not the only thing she told me that was life changing. I’ll go into further detail more on the reading after I listen to the recording at my other blog site, Thank you for stopping in and commenting.

    1. I was told it will be through someone close to me as spirits tend to stay with those they know. I have two sons but she didn’t see her as my grandchild. It should be interesting. I’m hoping this will also bring comfort to others. I saw you just tweeted it. Thank you!

  1. What a really moving story. Thank you for sharing it. It’s really wonderful to think of your daughter preparing to be born somewhere close to you and that she’ll still be part of your life, albeit in a possibly unknown way. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to have a miscarriage. I never had children – I would have loved it I am sure – but the thought that as yet unborn children can chose what families to be born into is comforting in some way. Thought provoking post, thank you.

    1. I appreciate your response. Thank you. I’ll never know who she is when she is here I’m sure but it’s nice to feel that she is ready for life and chose this time period. The whole idea that we are cosmically connected through several lives fascinates me.

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