Destined For Greatness – A Poem for the Special Ed Teacher

DESTINED FOR GREATNESSDestined for Greatness



I am destined for greatness

This much I know

Exactly how I’ll get there

Only time will show


I believe I owe you thanks

For whom I will one day be

Because you have shown

So much faith in me


You have taught me lessons

Both big and small

I will do my best

To remember them all


So many days I struggled

To pay attention to what you say

You showed me patience and love

And forgave me those days


You have stood by me

Trying to find what works best

I’m sure all that you’ve learned

Has been put to the test


I truly feel

That you believe in me

That’s why am destined for greatness

You will someday see


4 thoughts on “Destined For Greatness – A Poem for the Special Ed Teacher

  1. Thank you for sharing. I know a few teachers who are deserving of such a poem. Very heartwarming. Thank you!

    1. Please feel free to share this one. I know not every parent says it as they should. This teacher received it while she was still his teacher. He is in college now and I tagged her in the notification so she will read it again and know that her efforts and love were never forgotten by any of us.

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