Heart Versus Mind

Here is a poem that I wrote when I was much younger.  It is one of my favorites, so much so, that I named my poetry book after it.  I published my first book about 2 years ago.  It is filled with all the poetry I’ve written throughout my life.  If you love this poem, as some of the other poetry I’ve posted on this site, you can purchase my book through Amazon.com.  I will post the link at the bottom.


My mind can’t understand why

My heart just can’t let go

Of a love that it once felt

So very long ago

Your name is etched within my heart

All it sees is you

All it can remember

Is that our love was once so true

In the middle of the night

My heart doesn’t sleep it seems

It’s the one who calls your name

In the midst of all my dreams

If only I could make it realize

That you don’t really care

But it seems my heart is too afraid

To take that crazy dare

On the other hand my mind is smart

It knows just what to do

It realizes that after all this time

I don’t stand a chance with you

I’ve cried myself to sleep t night

Confused as I could be

Longing to know the answer to

“Do you think he’ll ever love me?”

My heart and mind battle it out

To see which one is right

But somehow it always seems to be

It’s my heart that wins the fight

It keeps saying that I’ll win you back

Only time can reveal

The future that lies ahead of us

And what you truly feel

If the battle does continue

And my mind should come to win

It would surely tell my heart

How foolish it has been

The heart still believes in you and me

The mind just can’t grasp why

I guess the heart will always feel

Our love’s worth one more try

Overcoming Fear Part 1 - Heart Versus Mind

I hope you like this one.  You can purchase my book of approximately 90 poems, “Heart Versus Mind : Words That Touch Your Heart” by Missy Bell at Heart Versus Mind : Words That Touch Your Heart ~by Missy Bell.  Thank you as always for stopping by.  I hope you will take some time to view some of my other writings by visiting the side bar to the right.  My main focus on this page is giving tips, hints and strategies of how to decrease stress and increase happiness.

Missy Bell


7 thoughts on “Heart Versus Mind

    1. Thank you Susan. I’m one who is woken up in the middle of the night with lyrical poetry running through my head. I’ve lost a lot for the desire to sleep as I’ve gotten older but writing ANYTHING will always be my passion. Glad to hear it is for you too. What is your favorite style of poetry to write? Do you have a blog or link to share her? If so, feel free.

  1. Missy, what beautiful heartfelt words pouring out through your pen. Loved how simple and pure you expressed deep emotions. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you.

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