Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right or Relationship Bliss?

1383432_10151672958593456_1892639946_nAre you out there looking for Mr. or Ms. Right?  Have you ever thought about what’s working and what’s not if you are in a current relationship?  Have you ever thought about the future of your relationship?  When I read this piece I fell in love with it.  I wanted to share it with you.  The author is my Sister-In-Law, yes, but this is not being done as a favor.  I want to share this with you because I think it’s so brilliant, as she is of course, and I think everyone, men and women alike could benefit from it.

I admire my Sister-In-Law.  She is my mentor, my friend, my guide and I enjoy being with her.  I was fortunate.  I won the “In-Law Lottery!”

Peggy has been through a great deal in her life and instead of spending time wallowing in the negative, she takes what she has been through and uses it to be a strength to others.  She is empowering, positive and insightful.  She is always learning, always creating and always giving back.  She takes care of herself first so she can care for others.

This brings me to her latest piece that was published with the Huffington Post.  She takes a well-known couple from movie history and takes a look into the future of what that couple might be like in the future using philosophy that many are not aware of.  It’s absolutely brilliant.  It causes you to really think about what you expect from a relationship, whether you are looking for a new one or are in a relationship.  It made me really ponder fairy tales.  As little girls we grow up idealizing fairy tales, thinking that’s what a relationship should look like, Prince Charming.  Guess what ladies?  He doesn’t exist.  And if it seems like he does, it’s a front and wears off.  Reality sets in, then what?  I could go on and on about my interpretation of her piece but that’s not why I’m here.  I hope you will take the time to read it and I hope you love it as much as I did! (And please remember, this is not just about after divorce, it is a MUST READ even if you are happily married!!

The Secret to Finding Love After Divorce | Peggy Nolan

Thank you for being you Peggy!  Lots of love!

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Thank you for stopping by,

Missy Bell


7 thoughts on “Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right or Relationship Bliss?

  1. Missy, this is a great post! Thank you for sharing Peggy’s article here. I read both of your post and her article with hunger to learn more about different insights in relationships and how to make them successful. You are right, your sister-in-law has a deep understanding of Self and what it takes to take care of one’s Self to be able to vibrate higher energy that will lead to attracting the kind of relationships that we desire the most. Amina

    1. Thank you Amina! I hope you will follow her blog as well as mine. We both cover different psychologies and philosophies about self care and we both have unique insights, tips and strategies that will lead to a happier you. Stop by often for new info from both. Thank you again. -Missy

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