What is Your Passion – 10 Ways to Discover a New Passion

What is your passion?

What do you do that makes you feel the most alive?

How often do you spend doing it?

Have you found that one thing in your life that makes you smile from ear to ear?  I’m not talking about about a person, not your children or your significant other.  I’m referring to that something that comes from within you.  That something you, and you alone can do to contribute to the happiness and the quality of the way you live your life?  This could be your talent or your heart’s deepest desire.

Perhaps you haven’t found it yet.  When you do, I’m sure you will know.  If you haven’t found it yet, get out there, try new things.  There are so many things that you could find passion in that the list would be endless.  The road to discovery will teach you a great deal about yourself.  Once you find the passion, don’t let go.  Learn more, make it bigger, but never give up on it.  Create new goals around it, feed it.  You can include those you love in the process.  Perhaps along the way they will find their passion.

Here are some top ideas of things you may like to try.  See if any of them resonate with you.  You may give it a shot and find that it leads you to where you are meant to be.  Follow your heart.  Think about what you liked to do or were interested in when you were a child or teenager.

  1. Get out in nature and explore
  2. Listen more closely to music, the beats, the lyrics
  3. Pick a destination that is safe that has always interested you and walk from point A to point B within it or to it
  4. Research something you think is interesting
  5. Visit a museum
  6. Take an online class or a non-credit course
  7. Make a video or photo album
  8. Try a new sport
  9. Pick up a good book or write one
  10. Work with your hands to create art of any kind

These are just a few examples.  I’ve learned that I am not as happy when I put off doing what I love for things I dislike.  Take charge and make time to do what you love.  You will shine brighter than you ever thought you could.  Life will actually seem easier because you have something positive to focus on.  There will be that escape to something wonderful when you are down that will lift you out of a bad mood.

I know where I would be without writing and without pursuing my passions.  I’ve been there and it’s not much fun. Everyday life can seem mundane and boring; the slightest things that go wrong can seem like something so major.  But when I can escape into one of my many passions, I’m alive again and I even find that I learn more about myself.

Take the time to find your passion if you haven’t already.  You deserve time for yourself and you deserve to feel fulfilled.

If you know your passion, please share it below.  Give others some ideas of things that might interest them.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you will visit a few of my other posts on this site.  They are all geared toward reducing stress and increasing happiness.  Let me know when you find something that resonates with you.  You can also check out my latest blog site, “Where the Ghosts Live,” at http://www.WhereTheGhostsLive.Wordpress.com.

Missy Bell


12 thoughts on “What is Your Passion – 10 Ways to Discover a New Passion

  1. Missy, I love this post. I think this sums it up: “You deserve time for yourself and you deserve to feel fulfilled.” ♥

    1. Thank you Jodi. I had a hard time today with a topic. It’s not that I lack things to write about it’s just that I want it to come from my heart with where I currently am and what I’m going through in my own life. I feel it comes across more genuinely. So, you saying that, means a lot. Thanks again! What is YOUR passion/s?

  2. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to embrace my passions… I also find more and more passions, and less and less time to devote to them all. *grumble*

    1. I so agree with that statement, “more and more passions and less and less time to devote to them all.” I love that though. I would rather have a plate full to choose from than none at all. I have to be true to myself though because I noticed that even though I am busy pursuing one passion, I cannot let go of my writing. When I do, I notice I’m not as happy, empowered and positive. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It means a lot.

  3. Great advise…another idea…create a blog about your topic of interest. Like you Missy, my passion is creating smiles in life.

    Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom.

  4. My passions are writing and quilting, and sometimes combining the two. I’ve also added helping other wives without husbands (widows) learn to cope and live their new lives. Finding their passion is key. My favorite passion finding tool is childhood, what did she do as a child, what did she dream of doing? Often the passion is hidden in those dreams.

    1. Nita, Thank you for stopping by. I love that you combine your passions with your writing. Have you ever thought of publishing a book to help widows? You have the expertise. Best wishes to you and I thank you so much for contributing here.

  5. Thank you for a very important post, and I agree following our passion makes us feel connected and alive, and it is here where we are able to tap into who we are. Thank you for a very important post, and for stopping by my blog. Have a beautiful day xx

    1. Thank you Ana. As I mentioned in a response earlier, I almost didn’t write this today so I’m so grateful for the response and that it is important to other people as well. Thank you for returning the favor and checking in here. As always, it is appreciated.

      1. Excellent post. My passions are gardening, painting, designing cards and writing. I’m really glad Bonnie thought of this challenge, it’s helping me when I felt alittle stuck.

      2. That is so great to hear that you were helped by the challenge. I am grateful as well. I’m so glad you are one who recognizes their passions and that you have more than one. It helps us stay busy and happy. That’s for sure. There is another challenge I’m involved in right now, the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It just started if you are interested in posting in both. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate it!!

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