My Lost Tooth – Part 1

lost-tooth (1)

I wrote this book when my son was 5 after he lost his first tooth.  I have wanted for that long to publish it but I have not been diligent with it.  I will hopefully find a way to get it self-published with software that I can use to illustrate it on my own.
I thought I’d share half of it with you to see what you think.  I hope you enjoy it…
My name is Austin.  I have a story for you.
Pay close attention, it could happen to you too.
My tooth got a little wiggly and I got scared.
Mom said, “It’s coming out soon, be prepared!”

“Keep brushing your teeth,
clean them well,” she said.
“Brush them in the morning
and before you go to bed.”
With each day that went by I could wiggle it more.
It started to hurt.  I couldn’t wait anymore.
I pushed it with my tongue all through the day.
I used my fingers to wiggle it to help it on it’s way.
I was playing at recess
when I felt something in my mouth.
My tooth, my tooth!
It had finally come out.
These are just the first 4 verses with 4 more remaining to complete it.
Feel free to comment below.  I’d appreciate any feedback.
Thank you as always for stopping by.  I hope you will stay a while and enjoy more postings to the right that offer tips on how to reduce stress and increase inner peace and happiness.

8 thoughts on “My Lost Tooth – Part 1

  1. This is cute, Missy, and definitely an experience that children will relate to. You are taking a new and scary situation for a child and showing them that it is natural and nothing to be afraid of…..and it could have a good ending! Keep it up….you are onto something great.

    1. Thank you Laurie. It is finished but I didn’t feel comfortable putting all of it online. I’d rather wait to find a way to publish it with illustration.

      Thank you for the positive feedback.


  2. Like it! I could imagine this to be a children book with big pictures! You should send an email blast to all the dentists in your area and ask them if they were interested in buying one for the waiting room 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea Sonja. I have a wonderful friend of mine who works in a dental office. I know the first one to start with. I also have visions of reading this to many, many Kindergarten classes. I just need to get it illustrated and published. That’s the next step.

      I am grateful for your feedback.


  3. This is so awesome Missy! You have a much better way of writing for children then I ever did! GO and MAKE this happen! I can see whole picture pages – what a great book for young kids!


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