A Dream Come True / How Do You See People – A Vans Warped Tour 2013 Moment

My boys and my husband went to the “Vans Warped Tour 2013” concert last week and my son’s girlfriend caught this amazing photo.  It brought to mind many inspirational thoughts, some of which I would like to share.  I hope you will pass this on.

warped tour photo

This young man had a clear desire to make it on stage with the band.  He envisioned it so clearly that strangers collaborated together to make that happen.  The band pointed at him and said, “Get him on stage!”  They didn’t do it in an ordinary way, they gave him the star treatment.  They safely lifted his chair up over their heads and crowd-surfed him to the stage where he sat so contently with one of his favorite bands.

You may think at first that this was a frivolous act by the crowd and that it was not safe for them to do but let me point out, this is not an ordinary crowd.  You may see most of them covered in tattoos, gauged ears the size of dimes and quarters, long hair on men, mohawks, every color hair known to man and a great abundance of facial piercings.  It is not their looks that make them different.  It is their desire to be an individual, to stand out, to want to make a statement and be heard.  These kids, and some adults are some of the nicest, most loving people you could meet.  They may look different and listen to music you could not stay in a room with for more than 10 seconds, but they are amazing.  They are just a part of a new movement.  This crowd would have never let something happen to this kid and he knew it.  He had complete faith in them.  Look closely at his face.  He did not look scared in the least.  If he had, they would have brought him down safely.

This group, although wildly passionate about this music, will bump into each other and get aggressive at the concerts.  But the room stops when someone is down and everyone looks out for everyone else.  Last year at this concert in our area, a young man had a seizure.  The band stopped and the crowd took a knee until he was out of the room safely.

This boy you saw was given a dream come true that most people on the floor would have loved to experience, instead, they made it happen for this young man.

I take away two lessons from this picture, there is no room for “I can’t,” because with enough will and desire, passion in your heart and an attitude of “anything is possible,” you can achieve your dreams.

The other lesson is that you should never judge someone based on the way they look.  They may have a heart of gold but because you see them as different, you may dismiss them and never find out.  What a shame.  In addition, someone who appears to have a disability can amaze you more than you know.  Get to know people and have patience with them.  What’s inside will amaze you.

Please share your thoughts and inspirations below.  What type of message did you take away from seeing this picture?


18 thoughts on “A Dream Come True / How Do You See People – A Vans Warped Tour 2013 Moment

  1. Great picture!! What a really cool moment. I agree about the not judging. I think this is also a lesson in generosity. It was generous of the crowd to put the desires of this young man in front of their own. To take a break from focusing on the music to help him to the stage.

    1. Great point Holly. It was selfless. It took great strength for them all to do this too. I’m sure it never entered their mind. They just did it. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by I appreciate it.


  2. What an awesome photo and experience! When strangers come together to do good it is inspiring and over powers all the stories I read of people being not so good to each other.

    1. Thank you. I love that. I agree. There is so much good in the world. I think the media would do well to notice that even though the old slogan of, “What bleeds, leads” worked for years for ratings, that maybe if they started focusing more on the kindness in the world and stopped giving criminals such power through media play that perhaps there would be a shift. At least there would be a shift in perception of more good going on and people would start duplicating. Just a wish I guess.

      Thank you for stopping by and contributing with your comment. I appreciate that!!

      Missy Bell

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