On The Way To School – What Memories Are You Saving

When my children were young, we were on our way to drop them off at the school when we had an very unexpected surprise. I saw my father’s car parked outside the McDonald’s and decided to take them in quickly to see their grandpa. The excitement was so great that I decided to write the following poem for him to remember the moment.

This was about 12 years ago. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who remembers this encounter. The memory has been kept alive with the words on this screen. I hope you enjoy the poem…

On The Way To School

The children thought

That it was so cool.

They saw their grandpa

On the way to school.

We were driving to the drive-thru window

For soda to drink

When we saw his car parked outside,

Mom asked, “what do you think?”

The kids agreed.

They all went inside.

There he was, eating pancakes

With sausage on the side.

They ran up quickly,

To his surprise,

“Very unexpected!”

You can see it in his eyes.

He hugged them all.

It made their day.

But unfortunately,

We had no time to stay.

Everyone had places to go

And people to see.

But that chance meeting

Filled their hearts with glee.

They told their friends

That it was so cool,

They saw their grandpa

On the way to school.

This is one of the poems featured in my published book of poetry, “Heart Versus Mind: Words That Touch Your Heart.”

I challenge you to start writing your favorite memories down in your own words, in your own style so that you may revisit these happy times, especially when times are tough. It could be your own words that brighter your day.

What do you choose to remember? Write something every day. The act of recording the good moments in your day will also make you reflect on and be grateful for those moments.


9 thoughts on “On The Way To School – What Memories Are You Saving

    1. Thank you. It was such a simple moment in time that I know I would have never remembered it otherwise. I wish I had captured more moments like this when they were little. They just graduated and aren’t around as much. You better believe that I will have journals full of moments like these with the next generation.

      Thank you do much for visiting and replying. I appreciate it.

  1. You know, there was a time when these stories were repeated at family events, gatherings and even the local watering hole. Since we’re spread so far and wide, what a wonderful way to put those memories on paper and share them with people later on. Just this morning I found out an aunt has my grandmother’s recipe box tucked away in her garage “for some day” and I’m going to see if she’ll send it to me and I’ll create a family cookbook to share with her great grandkids since they never got to know her love and joy of the world.

    1. That is a wonderful idea!! I hope you can make that happen! My great grandmother wrote an autobiography that both my cousin and I received different copies of. We got together and compared notes, added pictures and had it published as a real book. Her stories are now passed on through 4 generations.

      Thank you for visiting and replying. I appreciate it.


  2. A little something about your niece I wrote in 2006….

    A Walk on the Beach

    Feet in the sand
    step after step
    she opens up

    my daughter
    with her red hair
    pulled back

    I can tell
    she needs to talk

    just finished college
    not sure what to do

    she stays in her rut
    living at home
    at the same restaurant

    Maybe she’ll teach English
    and go to Japan


    Ok, so she went to Spain and met a bartender from Ireland… 😉

    1. That is awesome Sis!! You predicted the future, or close to it anyway. The wings she has spread are beautiful!! Love you all!!

      Thank you as always for stopping by here.


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