How to Move Forward Toward Your Dreams

Do you need a push toward fulfilling your dreams?  Do you wish it wasn’t so overwhelming?  Is the stress of wondering how you will reach your dreams too much that it has you hitting the breaks?  Maybe this will help.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”  Do you remember this quote from Disney’s Cinderella?

A Dream is a gift of a vision for how great your future could be.  People often discard dreams because they are stuck or they feel they don’t deserve it or it’s not possible, “what would people think of me if I went for something that seems unobtainable in their eyes or because they don’t think the effort is worth the results?”   Have you ever caught yourself with that thought in your head?  If so, it’s your dream, not their’s, they are not the one who has to put in effort toward achieving it.

Never stop stretching and growing.  If you want to move forward toward your dreams you must take action.

My personal finding is that dreams are within reach and completing a goal toward it, and the journey there is the most amazing part.  Having experienced the passion for life so strongly as a result from chasing my dreams I know I could never be happy just settling for a life in which I didn’t feel I was moving forward toward it in some way.

Taking steps toward your dreams may actually require you to step outside your comfort zone.  The great thing about a comfort zone is, once you step outside it, it will expand to accommodate.  Imagine that, an ever-growing comfort zone!  You can choose for it to remain the size it is now or have more room to play inside it and push against it’s walls to stretch it out.

You may feel that your dream is so big that you wish you had a road map.  Don’t stress about the big picture.  A war is won through it’s battles.  Break your dream down into smaller, obtainable goals.  Once you come close to achieving one goal, the next step will become apparent and you will see which direction to head in next and you can work toward that.

Identify what your next step needs to be to reach your goal.  Where are you at right now?  Is there something you could learn to get there faster?  Do you know someone who already has the expertise you need to move forward?  Ask the questions you need to.  There are so many resources on the net if you are not sure where to turn.  This applies to every subject.

What dreams are you working toward?  Do you need help with what the next step should be?  Perhaps I can point you in the direction of a great resource.  Please leave a comment below.   I’d love to hear from you.


10 thoughts on “How to Move Forward Toward Your Dreams

    1. Thank you for the comment and for reading it. I appreciate it. I’d like to check yours out too. Will you send a link?

      You can also find me on Twitter at @CantlinBell or Facebook at Words That Touch Your Heart.

      Missy Bell

    1. I am so proud of you Peggy and it’s been a pleasure watching your dreams come true. I am always so grateful when the universe tips it’s hat in your direction. Love you!!


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