The Importance of Appreciating A Simple Moment

My purpose with this blog is to help others reduce stress and the amount of time spent on negative situations in order to increase happiness and have more peace in their lives, all the while, learning myself how to relax and enjoy life and those around me more. My ultimate goal is to learn to create and stay longer in the state of peace.

In keeping with this theme I thought I’d share with you just something cute that happened today.  It is something so small that if I blinked I just might have missed it.

I was running very low on gas, for the sheer reason that I was being lazy about stopping.  There were too many other things that had to be done today.  When I finally pulled into the best place in town to get gas, I had 5 miles left in my tank according to the dashboard readout.  My parents always called this, “running on fumes.”

I opened the tank and prepared to fuel up.  When I placed the nozzle near the gas tank a white moth flew out from inside the compartment.  It immediately made me laugh out loud.  Typically the cartoons I’ve seen have been moths flying out of an empty wallet and other things that were empty.  This was just priceless.

The reason I wanted to share was just a gentle reminder to stay in the moment.  You never know when life, or nature in this case will throw a comedic moment at you to make something so mundane just a little bit better.  It was if nature was trying to say, “slow down a moment and look at me!”

I am truly grateful for moments like this, however small and insignificant it may have seemed to others.  I hope this will remind you to take time to notice what goes on around you and appreciate the simple moments.

What kind of things have you noticed lately that brightened you day that you otherwise would have missed if you weren’t paying attention?


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Appreciating A Simple Moment

  1. We have a pair of doves who have been using a dustpan we left on the top shelf of a rack on our deck as a nest for the past couple of months. They are on their third brood now (after the eggs hatch, the babies fly off after a couple of weeks and Mom and Dad start over). No matter how stressed out my husband and I get ( we both work from home), visiting our “birdies” and seeing what they are up to always erases whatever negative vibes we've been feeling. Also, the process has been a great metaphor…sometimes one of the little birds just doesn't want to leave the nest and it makes us realize how we are held back by the fear of the unknown, even though we are meant for better things.
    I wonder how a moth survived in your tank!
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  2. It's the little things in life I'm so grateful for …

    things like being able to turn on a tap for a glass of CLEAN safe water so I can quench my thirst or brush my teeth – instead of having to walk 5 miles to get my daily water.

    things like going to the closet and having more than one choice – instead there are multiply choices in such a variety of color.

    things like feeling to coolness of the fan as it brings me relief on an extremely hot hot day – instead of suffering in the tin homes so many women around the world raise their families in.

    If you are reading this – you are one of the most richly blessed women in the world in 2013. We truly have everything and much more than what we need each day.

    Count your blessings … name them one by one!

  3. That is so awesome Lisa!! I have never actually seen a dove up close. I see that you “get it.” That is awesome that you have the ability to see them and erase the day's negativity.

    I love the metaphoric realization as well. You seem very insightful. Love it.

    I think the moth flew to the open compartment while I was getting the nozzle ready.

    Thank you for checking in. I hope you will follow the blog. My focus is on helping others achieve a greater peace and happiness.

    Thank you for your comment. Enjoy the challenge.


  4. Thank you Erica for your insights. I know that I have taken the things you have listed for granted many days. I'm glad you pointed them out.

    I appreciate your thoughtful comment.

    I hope you will return.


  5. I am blessed beyond measure. My health, my family, my friends, the blue Robin's eggs that I had the joy of watching for the 10 short days they were in the nest. The dragonflies that enjoy the flowers in my garden. AC on a hot summer day. The laughter of my grand-babies.


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