WELCOME!  I am excited to be starting this blog site and I am grateful you have taken the time to check it out.  I hope you will subscribe and check back often.  It will be designed to assist you with the tools necessary to teach you how to reduce your stress and fears and unlock within yourself potential you never realized you had.

I have used these techniques to move to a different level in my life.  Granted, no one can be happy every minute of every day.  There are times when stress will grab a hold of you and it will not be as easy as other times to let it go, but if you are committed to following the steps I will be discussing, these tools will definitely assist you in lessening the level of stress and negativity and minimizing the length of time you experience it.  These articles and blogs will move you toward a more peaceful life.
I am currently writing a magazine and book on the subject as well as creating a program that will outline everything in detail and can be used in your everyday life to accelerate the process and keep you on track.  Keep your eyes open for those. 
Thank you for visiting and please recommend this blog to anyone you think could benefit from stress reduction and more peace in their lives.
Missy Cantlin Bell
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